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Group Therapy Adelaide

A big part of the therapeutic group experience is recognising that you’re not alone and that others are struggling with very similar emotions and circumstances, so it’s helpful to have that support. 

As the sense of community grows within the group new information, ideas and approaches for dealing with these thoughts and emotions will be shared and explored 

ARC’s facilitator, Kate, genuinely enjoys creating a space for authentic connections and a place of belonging and community.

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Wise Minds Group Support

ARC’s Wise Minds groups bring together voice hearers in a supportive environment, with a strong focus on social support, connection, and community. Wise Minds groups aim to provide a safe space for Voice Hearers to share their knowledge and personal experiences in a non-judgmental and compassionate place.

Your Choice of Therapies

As a 100% lived experienced team, it is important for us to offer our community additional ways to support their healing journey. We aim to help you make sense of and work through difficulties and challenges while focusing on building new skills and progressing along your recovery journey.

Recovery Coaching

Peer Support


Mindful Chair Yoga

Mindful Chair Yoga

Our class is about supporting participants who may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression & feelings of overwhelm. It can be practiced in a chair or standing & is perfect for mobility limitations. A safe experience for the body that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves mental clarity and soothes the nervous system.

Carer Support

We are here to help support you through any difficulties, anxiety or emotional distress you may be experiencing as a carer. Our 100% lived experience team offer a unique set of skills to help you navigate this rewarding but sometimes challenging role. Our therapists strive to create a trusting and nurturing relationship in a safe therapeutic space. Working within  the framework of family therapy counselling, trauma-informed care and person-centred practice. We value our lived experience, and will at times draw upon it to support you.

#We Belong

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Group Therapy? And its Types.

The therapeutic group experience at aspire recovery connection is truly special because it fosters a profound sense of solidarity and shared understanding. One of the most powerful aspects of being part of a group is realising that you are not alone in your struggles. It’s a transformative experience to connect with others who are going through similar emotions and circumstances, as it provides invaluable support and comfort.

Within our supportive community, individuals have the opportunity to share their experiences and gain insight from others. As the group bonds and grows closer, a wealth of new information, ideas, and approaches for dealing with thoughts and emotions are shared and explored. This collective wisdom becomes a source of inspiration and empowerment, offering fresh perspectives and innovative strategies for navigating the recovery journey.

Currently we are offering chair yoga and wise minds groups along with our new coffee and games group and free monthly arty farty friday gathering. Chair yoga is an inclusive, mindful and all-accessible yoga practiced in the chair to create mindful movement and breathing practices for you. Our community benefit from take-home tools to use in your everyday life.

The wise minds group is a safe space to connect and share experiences with others in your community who are experiencing visions and voices throughout their journey.

2. What are the benefits of Group Therapy for Mental Health?
  • Mutual Support: Group therapy provides a supportive and empathetic environment where individuals can connect with others facing similar mental health challenges.
  • Shared Experiences: Hearing others’ stories and perspectives helps one realise they are not alone in their struggles, reducing feelings of isolation and stigma.
  • Skill-building: Group therapy offers opportunities to learn and practice valuable coping skills, communication techniques, and problem-solving strategies.
  • Feedback and Perspective: Group members can provide valuable feedback, insights, and alternative perspectives, offering new ways to approach difficulties.
  • Social Interaction: Group therapy fosters social interaction and the development of interpersonal skills, enhancing overall well-being and reducing social isolation.

The best way I can put it is I’m happy. Now that I have someone I trust entirely

I feel very happy and much more settled in the process and myself.”



I am very happy with the current people and have built good connections. I appreciate all the support and as a result, my life is much better than before. I look forward to seeing my ARC people and feeling better about having my house clean and having more good days.


Some days I felt like giving up, and ARC helped me understand and make sense of what was happening and helped me feel better about receiving support and letting people into my life.


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Aspire Recovery Connection acknowledges Aboriginal people as the first Australians, traditional owners of South Australia, and respect their ongoing living and spiritual relationship with the land and sea.  We respect and celebrate the many Aboriginal peoples and lands across the state. 

We also acknowledge that past government policies contributed to the marginalisation, disempowerment, breakdown of connection to country, removal of Aboriginal children from their family, loss of land and income, and loss of culture and language of Aboriginal South Australians.  
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